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Book business trips – earn points with PartnerPlusBenefit

Booking business trips? Get more with PartnerPlusBenefit

Whether you are booking business trips for yourself, or planning company trips for your supervisors and colleagues – you should get to know more about PartnerPlusBenefit.

Lufthansa Group airlines' extensive free corporate bonus program offers small and medium-sized enterprises unparalleled opportunities to save on travel costs for business trips, while motivating employee productivity. As a member of PartnerPlusBenefit, your employees will earn BenefitPoints on corporate travel that can be redeemed for incentive rewards such as award flights, in-flight upgrades, lounge access, merchandise products, hotel, rental and FlyNet vouchers and more.

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Background information on this topic

Business trips

There are many reasons to go on a business trip – especially due to ever-increasing globalisation of business markets and industries. Meetings with customers or suppliers on site, meetings with colleagues at other company sites, participation in trade events, seminars for professional development, trade fairs, exhibitions or temporary secondments to other agencies or companies are among the most common reasons for an employee to leave the office for important and unmissable business reasons.

It is often beneficial for a company to have representatives present in the situation listed above, as it encourages strong business relationships, consistent growth and a mutual trust.

Transportation for corporate travel

The most frequently used method of transportation on company trips is the plane, followed by the car and train. The annual consumer report of the Federal Association of the German Aviation Industry states that longer distances are preferably travelled by air. Air traffic has dropped slightly compared to the previous year, but remains clearly at the forefront of transport with 56 percent.

Flying: Safe and punctual 

In terms of perceived security, aviation is once again clearly ahead of other transportation methods, with two out of three passengers believing that aircraft are the safest form of travel. Additionally, every second passenger deemed aircraft to be the most reliable form of transportation. Punctuality and efficiency are the two stand out characteristics that define the perception (and reality) of air travel, and both are of great importance in the context of business trips.

Efficient bookings

Seven out of ten companies use a specialist business travel agency for booking train tickets or business flights. By bundling the bookings and rewriting their comprehensive understanding of price structures, these agents can help reduce travel costs and use the corporate travel budget as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, travel agents offer the option of managing corporate bonus programs, such as PartnerPlusBenefit, for the participating companies, which further optimises the travel costs.

Get more out of business trips

By lowering travel costs and simultaneously motivating employees, PartnerPlusBenefit can become an essential tool for your company. Employees earn valuable Benefit points on business trips, which can be exchanged for attractive incentives, such as award flights, upgrades or reward vouchers.

Just one business trip can bring instant and worthwhile returns. A round trip from Prague to Shanghai for two persons in Lufthansa Business Class, for example, can earn a company 10.700 BenefitPoints. For these points, the company could receive the following awards:

  • 2 flights from the Czech Republic to Europe in Economy Class (one way)
  • A return upgrade to Premium Economy on flights to South Africa.

In addition to earning Benefit points for the company, Miles & More members personally earn Miles & More miles on every business flight.