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A good option: corporate discounts

Corporate discounts

Corporate discounts – For efficient business travel

Corporate discounts – with PartnerPlusBenefit

Do you want to save on travel costs and take advantage of corporate discounts for your company?

Get to know PartnerPlusBenefitLufthansa group airlines' extensive free corporate bonus program offers small and medium-sized businesses new opportunities to save on costs for corporate travel and motivate employees with incentive rewards such as award flights, upgrades and FlyNet vouchers.

By participating in PartnerPlusBenefit, your company receives benefits that are practically equal to corporate discounts. Companies do not have to agree to minimum orders or enter into a general contract for flight or route quotas, which means you always remain independent and in control of your travel management and budget.

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Background information on this topic

Corporate discounts – Business incentives

Price politics sometimes include a corporate discount on the list price of a product or service as an incentive. This special price is offered to those who are especially valuable to the company by virtue of belonging to a specific circle, such as corporate clients or frequent flyers. The goal is to create customer loyalty and to entice these customers to buy additional goods or services. Airlines also use this principle. Lufthansa, for example, offers the PartnerPlusBenefit corporate bonus program.

Fly more, pay less

According to surveys among passengers in airports, about 40 percent of all flights are business trips. This customer segment is especially significant for airlines, as business travellers are often also frequent flyers. That’s why, based on demonstrable sales, companies often enjoy the appropriate corporate discounts.

Generally, airlines require companies to have a certain flight volume of domestic, continental or intercontinental flights per calendar year. As a general rule, the higher the annual volume, the higher the corporate discount.

In most cases, companies that would like to benefit from these discounts sign a supply contract with an airline. The selected airline depends heavily on the employees’ regularly flown routes. So companies benefit by negotiating for corporate discounts for so-called “racetracks”, such as London-Prague.

Contract conditions for corporate discounts

When a contract is signed, companies first pay a deposit, which is a percentage of the expected sales depending on the discount class. The deposit is credited towards the ticket prices. This allows a company to secure a certain flight quota for its individual corporate discount.

The company’s discount can be downgraded if the company does not achieve the agreed minimum sales. The credit from the deposit can then be refunded.

The drawbacks of general contracts

With Lufthansa Group airlines’ free corporate bonus program, PartnerPlusBenefit, companies can benefit from flight quotas even without a general contract or predetermined minimum flight volume.

Benefit points will be credited to the companies for every flight when they choose Lufthansa Group airlines or one of the Benefit partner airlines, to fly to one of more than 300 destinations around the world. The earned Benefit points can later be redeemed for award flights, upgrades, and many other rewards.

Benefit awards as corporate discounts

Award flights, free upgrades and reward vouchers are additional ways to enjoy benefits. As an extension to the standard prices of flight tickets or additional services, they can also be understood as a corporate discount.

PartnerPlusBenefit rewards aren’t purely monetary, they also include benefits to enhance the comfort of business travellers. A free upgrade to Business Class for example, means more comfort, services and amenities for the traveller and therefore increased preparedness and productivity.

Lufthansa allows companies to take care of highly motivated travelling employees. Corporate travellers can plan their meetings with flexibility and efficiency thanks to the large route network operated by Lufthansa Group airlines and the Benefit partner airlines.