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A new life for used drinking cups

Since January 2019, the oil and gas company OMV and Austrian Airlines have been cooperating to recycle used plastic drinking cups. In OMV’s ReOil® pilot plant, the cups are first processed into synthetic crude oil and then into fuels and other basic materials for the plastics industry. One hundred litres of synthetic crude oil can be produced from 100 kilograms of used plastic.

Austrian Airlines is thus not only supporting a resource-conserving circular-flow economy, but is also consistently pursuing its mission of reducing the amount of waste generated on flights. Several years ago, Austrian Airlines began collecting PET and glass bottles, Tetra Paks, cans and waste paper separately on board and then recycling them.


As part of the Lufthansa Group’s ‘Fly greener’ project, ideas and concepts are being developed which, among other things, are intended to reduce waste and environmental pollution and make air travel more sustainable.