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Attractive new Business fares on Brussels Airlines

How does travelling in luxury and total comfort between Europe and Africa sound? Imagine… being on board in your own private space, receiving premium service and pampering yourself with gastronomic delights… From now, Brussels Airlines has attractive new Business class fares between Europe and Africa. Tucked into your own personal cocoon, you can rest on a spacious 2m full flat bed with a massage function, indulge in premium food with the best Belgian ingredients or savour gourmet Michelin Star Chef cuisine and watch movies on a large 15.3” (39cm) personal entertainment screen. What’s more, you will receive a generous baggage allowance and have access to premium lounges, dedicated check-in desks and priority lanes as well as smooth connections via Brussels. Opt for Business class on Brussels Airlines today and enjoy all these at new, incredible fares!

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