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Compensaid – CO2-neutral travel

Flying is in many ways a positive force in the world, but it also has an impact on our climate. With Compensaid, you now have at your disposal a tool – developed by the Lufthansa Innovation Hub – which on the one hand shows what effect your flights have on the climate, and which on the other can be used to reduce this effect by up to 80%.

Compensaid combines an innovative tool for tracking flights operated by all airlines worldwide with a compensation platform, which makes it possible to offset personal CO2 emissions directly. Travellers have two options for offsetting CO2: first, they can replace fossil aviation fuels one-to-one with SAF. The platform calculates the price difference between SAF and fossil kerosene. Alternatively, travellers can use Compensaid to support a re-forestation project in Nicaragua which will within the next 20 years store the CO2 emissions produced by their flight.

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