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Culture, beaches and nightlife: lots to do in Thessaloniki

Over 2,000 years, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians and Ottomans have left their traces in Thessaloniki, whether it’s architecture, urban structures or entire neighbourhoods. Greeks, Turks, Armenians and Jews lived together side-by-side. In the area of the Upper Town (Ano Poli), numerous testimonies to the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods are preserved. Among the ruins of the palace of the 4th-century Roman emperor Galerius is the rotunda, which was used as both a church and mosque. A large part of the city centre was destroyed by a major fire in 1917. In the following years of the 20th century the town was rebuilt following a modern European urban model. Many travellers visit the historic sites or enjoy the lively and varied nightlife before continuing on to the nearby beaches of Chalkidiki or the mountain range of Mount Olympus.