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Extra legroom on more SWISS flights

You can now make your SWISS Economy flight even more comfortable by reserving a seat with more legroom in advance for a fee. The sought-after seats in the emergency row in the front of the aircraft can now be booked on almost all flights within Europe – from EUR 25 per flight segment.*

HON Circle Members and Senators can continue to reserve seats with more legroom free of charge, provided that these are still available when the flight is booked.**

Passengers who have already reserved a seat (standard seat or a seat in the preferred seating zone) which is now defined as a seat with more legroom, will be transferred automatically by SWISS to another seat in their chosen category (window, centre, aisle, preferred seating zone).***

* When booking via,,,

** Except for flights on the Economy Light fare.

*** Please note that passengers with a confirmed seat reservation have not purchased any legal entitlement to a specific seat (e.g. seat 3A), but only to the chosen category (e.g. aisle, window, seat with more legroom)

More legroom on SWISS flights