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50% less noise, 20% less CO2: on Airbus A320neo flights from Munich

Starting in February, six Airbus A320neo aircraft, the latest generation short- and medium-haul aircraft, will be in service at the Munich hub. The Munich fleet is scheduled to grow to nine by the end of 2020.


With the Airbus A320neo, passengers will be able to travel even more quietly and with less environmental impact. The aircraft are the perfect complement to the state-of-the-art Airbus A350 long-haul fleet at the Munich site. Lufthansa is investing heavily in the latest aircraft, thus taking responsibility for sustainable aviation.


The new model features more advanced engines and improved aerodynamics, enabling a significant reduction in noise and CO2 emissions. For example, the Airbus A320neo consumes around 20% less fuel per passenger than comparable models. In addition to the new engine technology, the wings will also be equipped with newly developed aerodynamic wingtips that enable lower fuel consumption. In addition, the A320neo is only half as loud during take-off.


All Airbus A320neo aircraft will be equipped on delivery with new vortex generators that also reduce noise. Lufthansa is thus making a significant contribution to active noise abatement. It is expected that a total of 149 aircraft in the neo model will be delivered to the Lufthansa Group by 2025.