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Keeping colleagues happy on business trips

Business trips are exhausting. Although you can reach your destination quickly by plane, travelling and the pressure of deadlines can be quite strenuous. It is therefore advantageous to relieve the traveller of as much as possible and to enable them to travel in a relaxed manner. Here are a few benefits and services that can improve the travel experience of your colleagues and keep them happy on their flight.


1. Convenient timetables and airports

The choice of flight times as well as departure and arrival airports goes a long way to keeping colleagues happy. The option of booking cheap flights at off-peak times or to destinations outside the city centre seems to be a good and inexpensive idea at first glance, but it can be a big problem for your colleagues who might have to land in the middle of the night and then make hour-long transfers to the hotel.


2. Access to the airport lounges

Waiting at the airport and at the gates is unsatisfactory. You can’t work and it’s hard to concentrate on business. Help your colleagues wait as comfortably as possible, for example in one of the airport lounges, where there are various services, including bars, restaurants, rest areas, a fast Wi-Fi connection and often even showers – everything to keep travellers happy.

Access to the lounges depends on the flight ticket and the travel class, but it is often possible to book your own lounge voucher or request it as an award, e.g. with PartnerPlusBenefit.


3. Booking in First or Business Class

The travel class makes all the difference. First Class or Business Class are particularly advantageous on long-haul flights. In addition to priority check-in and extra baggage, your colleagues can also enjoy comfortable seats and delicious food.

In order to optimise travel costs, the company’s travel policy often restricts the purchase of tickets of this kind. But by participating in an airline loyalty programme, it is possible, for example, to receive free travel class upgrades. In the case of PartnerPlusBenefit, the programme can be combined with Miles & More, doubling the opportunity of receiving benefits for members. As registration is free of charge, it is definitely worth it!


4. Internet access while travelling

Whether it’s just for work or for private use, you don’t want to miss out on the advantages of the Internet on board an aeroplane. Wi-Fi on board is a really practical service – especially if you give your colleagues Wi-Fi connectivity, for example with a booked voucher or as an award in your loyalty programme.


5. Corporate credit cards

Business trips entail costs: from the journey to the airport to the business lunch, from the option of drinks on the plane to the transfer to the destination. A company credit card offers a benefit, so that your colleague does not have to pay out up front. In addition, the company can also optimise travel costs thanks to a precautionary budget check. Some cards can also be used to manage points earned while travelling, thanks to airline loyalty programmes.

It is important that your colleagues are happy during and after their business trip – and with your planning. Participating in PartnerPlusBenefit, with its variety of awards, gives you plenty of scope to ensure happiness.