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Lufthansa Group: top climate ranking

The Lufthansa Group has achieved the climate scoring result ‘B’ in the 2019 climate change report of CDP, the non-profit rating organisation. As in the previous year, the airline group is thus again listed in the second-highest ranking band and occupies one of the top positions among the airlines. CDP conducts the world’s largest annual climate ranking, which includes extensive information and data about the CO2 emissions, reduction strategies and climate risks of the participating companies.


The use and promotion of sustainable alternative fuels is also key to achieving this goal. Travellers can already offset their flights via the ‘Compensaid’ platform and fly carbon-neutral with Sustainable Aviation Fuel.


The Lufthansa Group has been participating in the CDP report since 2006, providing relevant interest groups with transparent information about its climate protection strategy and measures to reduce CO2 emissions. Much of the CDP data also flows into other assessments by leading rating agencies. CDP climate scores are awarded annually on a scale from ‘A’ (best) to ‘D–’.