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New seat for Airbus A320 family

With the start of the A320 aircraft family deliveries expected in 2019, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS passengers on short- and medium-haul routes will be able to enjoy new seats, which boast numerous amenities:

The comfortable upholstery covers the entire seat cushion and backrest and ensures an appreciably comfortable sitting position thanks to an ergonomic distribution of pressure. The innovative streamlining of the backrest means that guests will enjoy even more personal space. This is achieved by a new horizontal positioning of the magazine pocket above the table. In addition, the travel experience not only during the flight, but also during taxiing, take-off and landing, is made more comfortable: instead of 12 degrees during these three phases, the backrest is positioned at a constant 20-degree angle, while Business Class passengers can also adjust the backrest to a 26-degree angle during the flight. Feedback from many passengers has been incorporated into the seat design.

For the first time, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS are jointly launching a seat to create a harmonised, comfortable travel experience. In addition to the benefits for passengers, the focus of development was also on reducing weight and maintenance costs. After several preliminary consultations, customer tests and quality audits, the contract for the production of the seat was awarded to the renowned Italian manufacturer, Geven.