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Surf the web above the clouds with SWISS connect

SWISS Connect is available on board the Boeing 777-300ER. The wireless connection is fast enough to check emails, visit social media sites or surf the web. Only the use of streaming or voice services is not recommended.

In addition to billable Internet access, you can also visit free information pages at, including the online travel guide. You can also access all your devices at the Airshow.

Prices for SWISS Connect

The on-board connection is available once an altitude of 10,000 feet has been reached. You then have the opportunity of purchasing a data package. Complete the purchase using your credit card. The prices listed are subject to change at any time.

  • 20 MB (CHF 9 / approx. EUR 8)
  • 50 MB (CHF 19 / approx. EUR 17)
  • 120 MB (CHF 39 / approx. EUR 36)

On board, SWISS First Class passengers receive a free SWISS Connect 50 MB data package.

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