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PartnerPlusBenefit company bonus programme – simply beneficial

PartnerPlusBenefit – Business benefits

Finding rewarding discounts, current offers, special rates, employee perks and programs for companies isn't always easy. The corporate demand for such saving opportunities is high however, especially since the need to travel for business is becoming more prevalent in globally connected markets. Learn more about the advantages offered by the PartnerPlusBenefit corporate program.

Lufthansa’s extensive free company bonus program offers small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) new and unprecedented opportunities to save on corporate travel costs for business trips while motivating employee productivity. With PartnerPlusBenefit, employees earn BenefitPoints when they fly for work with Lufthansa or one of the seven PartnerPlusBenefit airline partners. BenefitPoints can then be redeemed for incentive rewards and employee perks including, award flights, in-flight upgrades, retail merchandise, lounge access, travel vouchers and more.

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Background information on this topic

Customer loyalty as a driver of economic success

Building a business relationship based on trust and customer loyalty is the key to long-term success of any enterprise. Loyalty can be the decisive factor, especially in weak market phases or crisis situations which discourage growth. Repeat customers are significantly more loyal to a company or brand and remain loyal much longer than one-time customers or occasional buyers.

Build a base of loyal B2B customers – with company bonus programs

The revenue figures for industrial enterprises and service providers show that, on average, companies with an especially high number of loyal corporate clients experience faster growth of four to eight percentage points above the market level, across all industries. This should illustrate just how worthwhile the investment in building long-term business relationships is. Especially since attracting new customers is statistically seven times more expensive than retaining current customers and encouraging them to continue to purchase goods or services from your company again.

Lufthansa and the Partner Airlines recognise this. That’s why customer and company bonus programs are included in the offers available to loyal corporate clients and passengers, in addition to quality products and services.

Lufthansa and the Partner Airlines reward loyalty with special customer rewards, corporate offers and employee perks through Miles & More for individuals and PartnerPlusBenefit for companies:

  • Rewards before booking: prior notice of special promotions, for example
  • Rewards before and during the flight: preferential treatment, such as VIP services at Frankfurt Airport
  • Rewards after the flight, such as merchandise awards

PartnerPlusBenefit – The ideal corporate awards program

PartnerPlusBenefit offers clear benefits and employee perks to companies participating in the program, which can be equated with discounts or corporate rates. These company and employee perks include award flights, class upgrades and reward vouchers. PartnerPlusBenefit offers all of this and more without binding companies contractually. Minimum order quantities and framework contracts for flight quotas and routes are not prerequisites for PartnerPlusBenefit. This also allows companies with more irregular flight needs to benefit while remaining in control of their corporate travel budget and management.

It doesn’t matter whether employees fly for business appointments daily or only occasionally. BenefitPoints will be credited to participating companies for almost every flight if the employee flies to one of more than 500 destinations around the world with Lufthansa, or one of the seven Benefit Partner Airlines.

The earned BenefitPoints can later be redeemed for a wide variety of attractive awards and employee perks which make it possible to reduce your travel costs while increasing your benefits, services and comforts. Best of all, employees can earn BenefitPoints on their company’s corporate account while simultaneously earning Miles on their personal Miles & More account. This effectively doubles the employee perks, award gifts and corporate advantages.