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New BenefitAward: buy access to Lufthansa lounges

You now have one more award to choose from: the Lounge Pass where you can redeem points for access to Lufthansa lounges. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in the lounges before, in between or after your flight. You can choose between three different lounges: Business Lounge, Senator Lounge or Welcome Lounge.

With the introduction of this new Award we have campaign running until 31 Dec 2016, where you can buy access to the following amount of BenefitPoints:

Lufthansa Business Lounge 675 BenefitPoints

Lufthansa Senator Lounge 900 BenefitPoints

Lufthansa Welcome Lounge (Arrival lounge in Frankfurt) 1800 BenefitPoints

Contact Service Center to redeem your BenefitPoints for a Lounge Pass no later than three working days before departure!

Read more about Lufthansa Lounges here!


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