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NEW! Pay taxes and fees with your BenefitPoints

PartnerPlusBenefit program just got a new possibility! Instead of paying taxes and fees for your BenefitFlight with a credit card, it is now possible to simply use BenefitPoints as well. The new feature intends to make booking of BenefitFlights even more enjoyable by extending the possibilities of claiming BenefitPoints. The procedure is simple and just a call away: On request, PartnerPlusBenefit Service Center will book your BenefitFlight and convert  and deduct the total amount of flight ticket including taxes and fees into the points. The booking confirmation will contain updated account information. The new feature applies to Lufthansa Group operated flights: Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings and SWISS. Of course, the possibility to pay incurring taxes and fees per credit card remains.

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