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Start surfing – with myAustrian FlyNet

Whether reading emails, chatting with friends or shopping above the clouds – there's something for everyone: myAustrian FlyNet offers three different data packages.

The upgraded myAustrian aircraft can be recognised by a Wi-Fi symbol. Brochures explaining how to use the internet on board in just a few steps can be found in the seat-back pocket. In addition to the paid packages, free content such as travel guides, my Austrian services and information on can also be accessed at any time.

Packages and prices: (March 2017)

myAustrian FlyNet MESSAGE (from 3€)

Best suited for sending and receiving messages using channels such as email, iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, WeChat etc.

myAustrian FlyNet SURF (from 7€)

Best suited for sending and receiving messages as well as the use of apps and websites. Best suited for sites such as Google, etc. to surf the web

myAustrian FlyNet STREAM (from 12€)

Best suited for sending and receiving messages, the use of apps and websites as well as streaming of videos and music. Best suited for using channels such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music