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Stow hand luggage correctly, relax faster

Vienna International Airport: new labels for carry-on baggage

Getting on and off the aircraft should be as pleasant and easy as possible for all passengers. The quicker baggage is stowed, the faster all passengers can make themselves comfortable in their seats. With this in mind, Lufthansa Group Airlines has developed new labels designed to make travelling more comfortable.

The carry-on baggage labels printed on both sides indicate the correct way to stow your baggage on board. The white side is attached to carry-on baggage that complies with the rules and shows the passenger where to stow it (under the seat in front or in the overhead baggage compartment). Smaller items of baggage are marked with the orange side of the label and must be stowed under the seat in front.

On busy routes, passengers may also be asked to check in compliant carry-on baggage shortly before boarding. It is therefore recommended that personal items such as valuables, keys and medication are always kept in the bag that is guaranteed to be taken into the cabin. Electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, Powerbanks and e-cigarettes should also be stowed in this bag, as they are powered by rechargeable batteries and may not be transported in checked baggage.