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Welcome to the colourful capital

Berlin – a mixture of history, culture and wonderful sights

Paris, London and Rome are undoubtedly great cities. But Berlin is still ‘the place to be’. In the German capital, creatives and the business world meet to enjoy and celebrate their city with all its various possibilities, from world-class theatres and museums to the headquarters and branches of international corporations.


This once divided city is cosmopolitan, multicultural and adventurous. Nowhere else in the Federal Republic of Germany can the spirit of the times be felt so clearly. Famous award-winning chefs, chic hipster cafés and down-to-earth currywurst stalls co-exist happily. Equally, improv theatre and poetry slams perform alongside the Deutsches Theater. Kreuzberg and Neukölln are currently among the trendiest districts. Nevertheless, visitors to Berlin should not miss seeing the Brandenburg Gate, the Mauerpark and the Museum Island.

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