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Travel management service: lower travel costs with PartnerPlusBenefit

Travel management with PartnerPlusBenefit

Travel management is being increasingly promoted in an ever increasing globally-active business world.

The more frequently employees travel for business, the greater the cost of business travel management. All the more important that companies can “recover” a portion of the resulting costs with a far-reaching corporate bonus awards program.

Learn more about the advantages of PartnerPlusBenefitLufthansa's extensive free corporate bonus program. PartnerPlusBenefit offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) new and unprecedented opportunities to save on travel costs for business trips while motivating employees and productivity. When employees travel for business with PartnerPlusBenefit they earn BenefitPoints for their company account which can be redeemed for incentive rewards including, award flights, upgrades, lounge access, retail merchandise, vouchers and more.

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Background information on this topic

Different markets – Different rules of the game

When it comes to possible international expansion, considerable potential remains untapped. Despite modern technologies, information gaps regarding the functional mechanisms of international markets, lack of information about foreign markets, high customs duties and lack of know-how all hinder international corporate expansion. In addition, it is difficult to build new relationships with international partners and customer groups from afar. The exploration and gathering of information about the markets, as well as the constant monitoring of foreign operations already underway, drain increasingly scarce resources and make expansion for some companies unfeasible.

Business travel: Travelling towards success

International business relationships are increasingly becoming a prerequisite for the economic success of an enterprise. They help support the core business and promote its continued growth. This leads to an increase in business trips for many companies and their employees. This comes at a price however, as expenditure on business travel is increasing significantly despite all austerity measures. Medium-sized companies in particular are struggling with the rapidly rising associated travel costs.

Rising oil prices, European emission allowances and national air traffic taxes are significant cost drivers for flight fares. In addition to the actual travel expenses, the cost of meals, lodging and auxiliary travel expenses must also be taken into account. If there is an increase in business trips, the costs could decrease the actual success of a business trip’s purpose.

Travel management – Efficient & effective

Against the backdrop of rising expenses for business trips and their increasing importance, investment in professional travel management is worthwhile. The objective of efficient business travel management is to optimize the costs resulting from a business trip for a company. The first step may be cooperation with a business travel agency / travel management service. These agencies can uncover savings opportunities when planning and booking travel as well as during the journey itself – i.e. the entirety of travel management. The total costs for business trips are reduced, therefore allowing the company to remain competitive and profitable. In addition, the professional support creates time savings for employees so that they can focus on completing their core tasks.

Travel management in combination with PartnerPlusBenefit

PartnerPlusBenefit significantly contributes to the optimisation of travel management. Participation in the corporate bonus program allows travel costs to be reduced significantly, effectively “stretching” the travel budget more efficiently, while simultaneously earning BenefitPoints. The points earned can be redeemed for award flights, upgrades, vouchers, and more, leaving more funds available for future business trips. Manage your professional and business relationships in person with Lufthansa PartnerPlusBenefit.