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PartnerPlusBenefit award programme – simply beneficial

PartnerPlusBenefit loyalty programme – Earn free points & miles

Bonus points, award miles, status miles, an Executive Bonus from Miles &  More, or Bonus Miles – there are many features and benefits which make business trips more attractive to companies and their employees. A good reason to introduce the PartnerPlusBenefit loyalty programme to you today.

Lufthansa's extensive free corporate loyalty programme offers small and medium-sized enterprises new opportunities to save on travel costs for business trips. Motivate employees with award flights, upgrades, FlyNet vouchers and more with PartnerPlusBenefit.

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Background information on this topic

Bonus programmes: Widely used throughout Great Britain

Britons are currently carrying over 100 million customer loyalty cards in their wallets. Nearly 90 percent of Britons participate in a loyalty programme, and a third of those are registered with at least four different bonus programmes.

So it isn’t surprising that Points, Digits, Swops or Miles have become a common currency in attracting new customers. The bonus systems reward loyalty with discounts, special offers, payment deferrals, exclusive premiums, social evenings with other customers or special customer status.

A prime example: The Miles & More bonus programme

Bonus programmes are especially well-known in the retail and airline sectors. With more than 26 million participants, Lufthansa’s Miles & More programme stands out particularly and is Europe’s leading European frequent flyer programme.

Miles & More members receive award miles for every flight taken with Lufthansa, with a Star Alliance member, or with a Miles & More airline partner. Depending on the airline, additional valuable status miles or HON Circle miles – which are important for achieving frequent flyer status – can also be earned.

In addition, participants can earn award miles with over 350 partners on the ground – with hotels, travel and rental car companies, telecommunication companies, publishing houses, banks and insurance companies. Each participant who is also the holder of a Miles & More credit card will receive one award mile for every euro spent.

Status miles – Key for the frequent flyer status

The status miles are the key to frequent flyer status. Different privileges are available depending on whether the participant is a Frequent Traveller, Senator or an HON Circle Member – independently of the travel class selected by the participant.

Award miles – With a vast range of options for redeeming miles

The earned award miles can be used for award flights, upgrades, hotel stays or even for rental cars. In addition to travel-related premiums, each participant also enjoys a wide range of product awards to choose from, and can redeem the earned award miles on a shopping spree in the Lufthansa WorldShop. The wide range includes high-quality products, from consumer electronics and travel accessories to home entertainment and beauty and cosmetic products – everything’s included.

Conflicts of interest on business trips

The strong incentives offered by the earning potential of Miles & More miles are not entirely free of conflict for business travellers or their employers. Understandably, the traveller also wants to use the flown miles for private purposes. Some companies’ travel requirements, however, stipulate that the miles flown must be used for future business trips.

This conflict quickly becomes a win-win situation when PartnerPlusBenefit is brought into play.

PartnerPlusBenefit – The loyalty programme for companies

While employees are earning personal Miles & More miles on their business trips, they can also earn BenefitPoints for the company at the same time. This is made possible by PartnerPlusBenefit, the free corporate loyalty programme for small and medium-sized businesses.

BenefitPoints are awarded for flights operated by Lufthansa, Air Canada, All Nippon Airways, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, LOT Polish Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines and United Airlines. This allows business trips to be planned flexibly and for the company’s BenefitPoints account to quickly grow.

The earned BenefitPoints can be redeemed – as with Miles & More – for attractive awards such as award flights, upgrades, reward vouchers, material prizes from the PartnerPlusBenefit WorldShop and much more. This makes it possible not only to reduce travel costs, but simultaneously to motivate employees.