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ANA’s deep and profound understanding of Japan puts it in a unique position to bring new and inspiring stories about Japan to an international audience.

In partnership with CNN's Great Big Story, ANA will publish a new six part series including a TV special that will air on CNN, focused on Japanese food culture. The series is called Ichigo Ichie.

Story 2 [ Released ]

Ameshin is a craft of lollipop making in Japan that dates back to the 700s. The art form is about creating delicate sugar glass lollipops that are as realistic as possible. The tradition is dying out with few still practicing it, especially within the younger generation. One exception is 26-year old Shinri Tezuka, owner of a small shop in the Asakusa district of Toyko. Shinri can create mind-blowing, life-like fish, frogs, horses, birds and other animals.

This short film will look into the culture behind this fading tradition, as well as how younger people like Shinri are carrying the torch and taking steps to regain the attention of Japanese natives as well as tourists.

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