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Brussels Airlines introduces new chef for 2018

As a leading ambassador of Belgium, Brussels Airlines is pleased to offer a taste of Belgium’s internationally acclaimed cuisine to guests. Since November 2013, the carrier has worked with Belgian Michelin-starred chefs to offer top gastronomy on board. These creations can be enjoyed in Business Class when flying to Africa, North America and Mumbai. In 2018, the airline will introduce the first female Belgian Michelin-starred chef of the series: Stéphanie Thunus, from Au Gré du Vent in Seneffe, about an hour and half’s drive south of Belgium’s capital, Brussels. As well as earning a Michelin Star in 2013, Chef Thunus was also named Belgium’s Lady Chef of the Year in 2014. Serving a classic Belgian-French menu with a touch of modernity plus subtle nods to new trends, Chef Thunus favours working with seasonal produce from her region and offers new creations every six weeks at her restaurant. When designing the airline’s Belgian Michelin-starred chef menu, Chef Thunus exercised the same high degree of care and attention as at her award-winning eatery, working with a range of excellent ingredients, including Nobashi shrimp, veal cheeks and dark chocolate.

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