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The Hidden Benefits of Business Travel

The Hidden Benefits of Business Travel

Business travel can be hugely rewarding – you get to discover new cultures, meet new people and enjoy new experiences – but it also has its downsides. Regular travellers can sometimes lose their passion for visiting different countries and, instead, find the experience rather tiring. Here, we’ll explore a few ways you can reconnect with your love of travelling and remind yourself just how rewarding a job that requires you to travel can be.

Doing it your way

Many of the things that annoy you about business travel can be solved with a few adjustments.  Hate dragging around heavy cases? Just take carry-on luggage and, as a bonus, save yourself waiting around for checked-in bags to appear after your flight. Hate the hustle and bustle of lines at the airport? Upgrade so you can relax in the business lounge and skip the queues. Want to work during your flight? Book Business Class, and take noise-cancelling headphones to block out any chatter. Make sure you’re signed up for frequent-flyer rewards as these allow you to earn free upgrades and perks to make your journey even more relaxing. 

A different environment

Business travel allows you to experience a different environment from the norm – but not all travellers will maximise the benefits of this opportunity. Where possible, book a few extra days before or after your business travel and explore the highlights of the local area. This gives you chance to enjoy new experiences and immerse yourself in local culture.  

New experiences

No matter how packed your schedule is, there will always be room for some time out by yourself. Rather than spending it in your hotel room, plan to do something new and exciting that will make your trip away more memorable and fulfilling. Try Triposo, an app that gives you personal recommendations for activities in the local area allowing you to truly experience a destination.

Great photos

Just because you’re travelling on business doesn’t mean you can’t get some brilliant snaps of the local architecture or scenery – so take a decent camera with you and block off some time for a tour around the city. If you’re visiting a truly memorable location, consider booking a photographer through Flytographer. They’ll walk around the city with you and get some great shots, helping you create happy and positive memories of your business trips.

Lack of interruptions

When you’re working in the office, there will always be interruptions – whether it’s clients chasing you, colleagues looking for help or your boss waiting on your latest report. When you’re travelling on business, it’s a different story – aside from meetings, there’s nobody to get in the way of knuckling down and finishing your work. Enjoy pure, uninterrupted, peaceful work time while you can.


Businesses allow you to claim reasonable expenses while you’re away so check your allowances and use these to your full advantage. Choose Business Class and comfortable transport to and from the airport, and pick a slightly better hotel for comfort during your stay. Rather than settling for run-of-the-mill restaurants situated conveniently close to the business districts or airport hotels, venture out, explore and enjoy some of the local cuisine. Find your way to the local neighbourhoods and ask for recommendations – here, you can soak up the local culture and find the very best eateries.

Finally, remember your inspiration…

Weary travellers may find the business travel experience exhausting but don’t forget that the alternative can be just as much of a drain. The thought of staring at a computer screen eight hours a day, five days a week, is enough to remind most business travellers why they took on the responsibilities in the first place. Being able to travel and explore whilst getting paid is a huge perk – and by putting a little thought into each trip, you can make sure you get just as many benefits from the experience as your employer does.

Chloe Ravat is the Marketing Communications Manager at PartnerPlusBenefit, a loyalty rewards scheme for business passengers aboard 10 of the world’s leading airlines.