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United Polaris Business Class

Named after the North Star, the brilliant point in the night-time sky, United Polaris is the shining new star of business class that flyers can depend on for true comfort and a sleep experience like no other. You can now enjoy United Polaris service features, including new menus, new dinnerware, new luxury bedding and new amenity kits on all United long-haul flights worldwide.

As part of the business class experience, United is proud to offer award-winning skincare products from the premium spa and lifestyle brand, Soho House & Co. We’ve chosen a variety of products featuring the best in organic ingredients—from hand creams to lip balm—to help flyers stay relaxed and refreshed during their travels. Or drift off into a perfect night’s sleep with Sleepy Cow Pillow Spray.

Saks Fifth Avenue has created high-quality custom bedding for United featuring new duvets, day-blankets, mattress cushions and large and small pillows that will be available for each customer. The luxury bedding and calming amenities offer the ultimate comfort for relaxation and sleep. Slip on a pair of fleece-lined slippers or relax with an optional cool-gel memory foam pillow.