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Welcome aboard the New TAP

Our medium-haul aircraft are being completely retrofitted providing more space, comfort and innovation on our A319s, A320s and A321s.

Aligned with the new fares structure recently launched by TAP and its cabin optimization, customers who travel in Executive class and in Economy front seats will now benefit from a wider pitch (between seats)  – 33 inches, around 83 centimeters. Additionally, passengers in Executive will also have in-seat power supply, a cocktail table and tablet holder, as well as seats with four-position moveable headrests.

Always focusing on customer comfort as number one priority, TAP offers passengers travelling in Economy class an equally modern and ergonomic option with pre-reclined seats.

In addition to modernization and more comfort, the cabin retrofit program also increases the aircraft seat capacity, thus allowing TAP to add 12 seats in the cabin of the A319.  The choice of lighter and cutting-the-edge materials has also allowed TAP to reduce the weight of the aircraft in 700kg, resulting into the fleet increasing efficiency.


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