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A big thank you from SVP Heike Birlenbach 

A big thank you from SVP Heike Birlenbach 

Dear Business Partner,

Together we are facing a situation that is far from ordinary. While the coronavirus has an impact on everybody in all areas of life, the travel industry has almost come to a complete stop. In times like these, I want to communicate openly and in a transparent way with you, our valued Business Partner. 

The sudden decline in travel demand and the numerous entry restrictions have forced the Lufthansa Group airlines to adapt quickly to the situation. So far, we have reduced the capacity of the Lufthansa Group airlines until the beginning of May 2020. Current operations are only 5 per cent of our standard flight schedule. For more details on our special flight schedule, please click here

Due to ongoing uncertainty over travel planning, we are offering flexible and extensive rebooking options. Already bought tickets will keep their value, rebookings including a change of travel dates and the routing may be done without time pressure until the end of August 2020. While the option of ticket refunds, of course, remain possible, we would like to encourage you to rather make use of our attractive voucher option which includes a EUR 50/USD 50/CHF 50 discount for each rebooking.

In case a refund request is the only option for you, we’d like to ask for your understanding that due to the extraordinary circumstances, the process may take longer than usual.

As a PartnerPlusBenefit participant, Lufthansa Group airlines also offer you flexible rebooking options for benefit flight awards:

◾For PartnerPlusBenefit free flights and upgrades, the one-time free rebooking option still applies.

◾Benefit free flights and upgrades for cancelled flights can be reimbursed free of charge. The Benefit Points will be credited to your Benefit account immediately.

◾The reimbursement of Benefit free flights and upgrades for flights that have not been cancelled is still possible for a fee (points) in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.

◾As the current situation makes it difficult to redeem awards, the expiry of points will be suspended from April until further notice.

We will continue to listen to you, our valued partners and monitor the situation in order to readjust our flight schedule according to where you want us to fly as travel demand returns. You can count on the Lufthansa Group to be as flexible as possible working with you as your needs change during this critical time.

While many of our employees have just begun reduced working hours, our service teams remain fully dedicated to support your requests.

Furthermore, our flight crews and airport staff are focused on taking care of customers at the most critical touchpoints. As a global airline, we are in regular contact with the governmental and health authorities to ensure we are meeting or exceeding their guidelines to keep our customers and staff protected. We have been taking numerous measures to ensure social distancing between passengers along their whole travel chain, including the adaptation of the onboard services.

In addition to our regularly scheduled services, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group are currently operating special repatriation flights. With around 360 extra flights, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS, Brussels Airlines, Edelweiss and Eurowings have so far flown home about 70,000 passengers from around 77 airports on all five continents. Further flights are already scheduled.

I would like to thank you personally for your understanding and for the trust and loyalty you have placed in us – and can assure you that the Lufthansa Group wants to be there for you as a reliable business partner now and, above all, also after the crisis. Because together we will also master these challenging times.

Please stay healthy and take good care of yourself, your families and colleagues!

Yours sincerely,

Heike Birlenbach

Senior Vice President

Sales Lufthansa Group Network Airlines & CCO Lufthansa Airline

Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS | Brussels Airlines, Eurowings