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Changes to entry requirements for the USA

Changes to entry requirements for the USA

On 18th December 2015, the US Congress decided to make certain changes to its Visa Waiver Program, which implies that travellers, who have visited Iraq, Iran, Syria or Sudan since 01 March 2011 (5 years), as well as passengers with dual citizenship, who are also citizens of the aforementioned states, will be largely excluded from the Visa Waiver Program. On January 21st, 2016, on short notice, US Authorities announced that this new regulation will be imposed, effective immediately. 

With coming into effect, all existing ESTA-approvals will be revoked for this group of travellers, which means that US Visas will be required to enter the US for work and travel. 

The US-Government currently determines to what extent travellers who have traveled after 01st March to one of the above mentioned countries, can be exempted from the restrictions.

We strongly recommend that all affected travellers inform themselves about these new requirements before travelling to the US, notwithstanding an existing ESTA approval.