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More flights from Rzeszow to Munich in 2019

With the new summer timetable in 2019 Lufthansa will increase the number of flights between Munich and the Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport to two per day. The flights hours will also change.

Travelers will be able to travel to Rzeszów with the evening flight, which will start from Munich at 21:35. The arrival of the flight to Rzeszów is scheduled for 23.00. Connections will take place 7 times a week. On the way back from Rzeszów to Munich, the plane will take passengers on a daily morning flight at 6:15.

The first connection in the new timetable will appear on March 31, 2019. Lufthansa will therefore increase the number of flights from Rzeszów to Munich up to 14 times a week.

New flights hours from the Jasionka airport will enable more convenient transfer connections at the Lufthansa interchange airport in Munich. In the summer season 2019 connections will be made according to the schedule:

- LH1606 Munich 21:35 - 23:00 Rzeszów (daily)

- LH1607 Rzeszów 6:15 - 7:40 Munich (daily)

- LH1618 Munich 11:20 - 12:45 Rzeszów (daily)

- LH1619 Rzeszów 13:20 - 14:25 Munich (daily)