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New entry regulations Germany

Updated quarantine regulations for travelers entering Germany – exemption for business travelers

Recently, updated regulations concerning the quarantine and/or testing obligation for travelers entering Germany from foreign corona risk areas have come into effect. The quarantine obligation applies to all people entering Germany who, before entering, were in a region or country classified as a risk area by the Robert Koch Institute.

To the risk area overview (Robert-Koch-Institute)

Entry from a risk area

For travelers entering Germany from a risk area, a 10-day quarantine is compulsory. They are also obliged to fill in the so-called "Digital Registration on Entry" form before entering Germany. As confirmation, travelers will receive a PDF document, which must be carried with them on entry, either digitally or as a printed document, and which must be shown on request. The digital registration form is available in several languages.

To the Digital Registration on Entry

Exemption from the quarantine obligation

Certain groups of people (e.g. business travelers with a stay of up to 5 days) can be exempted from the quarantine obligation under certain conditions by a negative test result. In these cases, it is not necessary to fill in the “Digital Registration on Entry” form either.

Conditions for business travelers:

  • Stay of up to 5 days in the risk area or in Germany, respectively
  • Certificate proving necessity and urgency of the stay (employer or educational institution)
  • Negative test result* was determined no earlier than 48 hours prior to entry or max. 72 hours after entry

Transit passengers

People who are only in transit through the Federal Republic of Germany are exempted from the quarantine and testing obligation - provided they leave the area by the most rapid route without (overnight) stay.

Shortening the quarantine period

If travelers are not granted an exception, there is the possibility of having a corona test carried out on the fifth day after entry at the earliest – a negative result then leads to the premature termination of the quarantine.

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Please note: The respective valid regulation of the German federal state in which the traveler has his residence or in which he is staying in Germany is decisive. Every traveler should therefore carefully check before entering the country whether there are any exceptions to the quarantine obligation.