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United Airlines puts Jet Lag to rest

United Airlines Puts Jet Lag to Rest with Timeshifter App Partnership

United Airlines customers now have a new, scientific way to battle jet lag through a first-of-its-kind partnership with Timeshifter®, an app that outlines the best time to see and avoid light, sleep and enjoy caffeine to adjust quickly to a new time zone.
The app is targeted at customers flying across three or more time zones and will be a helpful tool for them to manage their jet lag as they travel throughout United's global route network.
The app customizes plans for customers based on a number of factors including normal sleep pattern, flight details and individual preferences, creating a personalized jet lag alleviation plan. Each plan includes:
• Instructions for when travelers should prioritize exposure to bright light or avoid it.
• A sleep and napping schedule based on his or her own sleep preferences.
• A plan to optimize caffeine intake for alertness and sleep.
• Optional timing for taking melatonin, should travelers choose to do so.
United's partnership with Timeshifter is an additional step in improving the travel experience for customers.