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Miles & More for companies is PartnerPlusBenefit

Miles & More for companies is PartnerPlusBenefit

Get to know PartnerPlusBenefit. Lufthansa’s extensive free corporate bonus programme offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) unprecedented opportunities to save on travel costs for business trips and motivate employees. With award flights, upgrades and FlyNet vouchers, for example.

The programme is structured according to the principle of Miles & More. With every flight, business travellers will earn BenefitPoints on a company account. These can in turn be redeemed for BenefitAwards.

What’s especially advantageous: business travellers earn double the points, with flights earning BenefitPoints for their companies as well as Miles & More miles for their personal Miles & More accounts. This is because the PartnerPlusBenefit programme is complementary to Miles & More.

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About Miles & More for Companies

Enjoy benefits worldwide – with Miles & More

Miles & More is a unique frequent flyer programme. No other programme offers members so many opportunities to earn miles. Worldwide, over 26 million participants are already enjoying the benefits of Miles & More awards and additional programme benefits.

PartnerPlusBenefit – the equivalent to Miles & More

PartnerPlusBenefit is based on the same concept as Miles & More – allowing Lufthansa travellers and corporate customers to get more out of their flights with Lufthansa and the Benefit Partner Airlines. Companies can earn valuable BenefitPoints on business trips – similarly to miles with Miles & More.

The points earned on flights with Benefit Partner Airlines can then be redeemed for free flights, upgrades and other awards. And in the process, PartnerPlusBenefit makes it possible for companies to reduce travel costs and to motivate employees with a travel class upgrade or merchandise awards, for example.

Miles & More Benefits for small and medium-sized enterprises

While Miles & More differentiates between status and award miles, for example, PartnerPlusBenefit does not make these distinctions. PartnerPlusBenefit does not award companies certain statuses. Instead, all participants enjoy the same benefits. Whether they fly once a year or every day – their BenefitPoints accounts fill up with every flight.

The concept of the Miles & More partners

Miles & More members can earn miles on flights with Lufthansa, Star Alliance members and Miles & More airline partners. In turn, companies earn BenefitPoints on flights with Lufthansa and Benefit Partner Airlines. In addition to Lufthansa, the corporate bonus programme partners include Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Swiss International Airlines, United Airlines.

No other corporate bonus programme awards BenefitPoints on so many routes, making travel planning significantly easier and including many more amenities.

Similarly to Miles & More partners, companies can redeem their BenefitPoints with Benefit Partners. Thus, companies can choose from a wide range of diverse items in the PartnerPlusBenefit WorldShop, for example. In addition to office equipment items, which benefit all employees, individual employees can be personally incentivised with targeted products from the wide range of options.

Employees earn miles – companies earn points

The opportunities for employees to earn miles personally with Miles & More on business trips remains unaffected by their participation in the PartnerPlusBenefit corporate bonus programme. This allows the traveller’s private Miles & More account balance to grow along with the company’s BenefitPoints account.