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PartnerPlusBenefit award programme – simply beneficial

PartnerPlusBenefit award program – simply beneficial

Earn award miles or redeem award miles – with PartnerPlusBenefit’s award program, employees earn BenefitPoints for the company while on business trips. Companies can then redeem the earned BenefitPoints for a large selection of attractive awards.

Get to know PartnerPlusBenefit. Lufthansa's extensive free corporate award program offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) unprecedented opportunities to save on travel costs for business trips whilst also motivating employees with award flights, upgrades and FlyNet vouchers, to name but a few of the benefits.

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Background information on award miles

The key to success? Motivated employees

Satisfied and motivated employees are a key factor for sustainable company success and growth. Unhappy employees, in contrast, are usually unmotivated, unproductive and have a negative effect on their colleagues.

Motivated employees perform better and demonstrate more commitment and loyalty to their company. This leads to a direct, cooperative environment for them and, above all, to satisfied customers and clients.

Employee motivation through recognition

Recognition, in turn, plays an important role for employees – because good work should always be recognised and rewarded. Where they are made to feel that they are valued and respected as colleagues, an environment is created in which they have more fun at work and are therefore more motivated and success driven.

Every day, interpersonal acknowledgement through face-to-face meetings, or in writing on special occasions, are just as important as the traditional monetary or physical employee award or reward.

Most companies engage in some kind of award program that is generally related to direct performance. This is how “distinguished” employees are able to stand out in their companies and be recognised for their efforts.

Internal motivation and award programmes

Since few employees initially render outstanding services, general motivation and award programmes also include continual workshops and seminars as well as organised corporate events. Rebates for in-house products and services, or sponsored activities such as reduced memberships at a fitness studio, are tried and tested methods.

Essentially, the attractiveness of the awards increases along with the duration of employment as well as with the employee’s position within the company. Especially in large corporations, the awards for executives can be very attractive. For example, in addition to higher pay and bonuses, a company car or personal assistants could also be made available. More exotic amenities include separate washrooms and toilets or exclusive canteens with menus that could come from “star chefs”.

Recognition on business trips

The system is similar for business trips or official trips. First, general travel guidelines apply across the board for all employees which means that travellers may be entitled to a ticket in Business Class, for example, if they exceed a certain amount of flight time. Such measures clearly allow the employee to feel clearly valued. It is also since it’s important for the company that a business trip creates no unnecessary or undue stress for their employees, as this is not conducive to a productive environment.

External corporate award programmes

Often, frequent flyers want to be able to enjoy higher-class products and services – even outside company events. This is where the frequent flyer status comes into play, with which the passenger has access to certain services independently of his or her booking class.

If companies are still participating in PartnerPlusBenefit, the free Lufthansa corporate award program, travellers who are Miles & More members can earn miles on their personal Miles & More accounts while simultaneously earning BenefitPoints for the corporate account. So, at the end of the day, employees and employers both benefit from many different advantages and discounts, services and comforts offered by PartnerPlusBenefit.