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Lufthansa Flights from/to Moscow in November 2020

The next special flights from Germany to Russia for foreign highly qualified specialists (HQS) and technicians. The flights will fly from Frankfurt to Moscow (Domodedovo Airport) and are expected to take place on the dates below. An official approval of the flights is not yet available.

Flight schedule for November (local time)

Frankfurt – Moscow:

2/ 9/ 16/ 23/ 30
LH1444 departure at 10:15, arrival at 15:25

5/ 12/ 19/ 26
LH1452 departure at 21:50, arrival at 03:00+1

Moscow – Frankfurt:

2/ 9/ 16/ 23/ 30
LH1445 departure at 16:15, arrival at 17:50

6/ 13/ 20/ 27
LH1451 departure at 03:55, arrival at 05:35

these flights can be booked through a travel agency or on the official website of the airline


Current entry requirements into the Russian Federation:

Russia's borders have been closed since 18 March 2020 and there are currently no regular scheduled flights. Although some flights to Russia are bookable, these can only be used by Russian citizens, persons with the residence permit "vid na zhitelstvo", or HQS specialists who have independently obtained all necessary permits from the Russian authorities. This applies as long as the border closure remains in force. At the moment the only known flight possibilities to Russia for foreign citizens are the regular Lufthansa special flights or chartering an aircraft, provided that all permissions of the Russian authorities are available.


Quarantine regulations:

A 14-day self-quarantine after entry into the Russian Federation is maintained for all foreigners entering for work purposes. This regulation applies in accordance with Decree No. 22 of Rospotrebnadzor. Whether and how it will be controlled and implemented, if any, is not known at present. As of August 1, passengers entering Domodedovo Airport are no longer subject to separate quarantine registration.

The quarantine regulations for Russian citizens were tightened according to a new announcement by the Russian government. Within three days after entry into the RF a negative coronavirus test in Russian language must be uploaded on the portal "Gosuslugi". Those who enter Russia without a negative test have to do the test within the three days after arrival and then upload it to Gosuslugi as well. While waiting for the test results, you are obliged to follow self-isolation. Please note that this option is for Russian citizens only.