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Travel information

What you and your travelers need to know to travel safely and carefree

We are aware that you and your travelers may have questions surrounding their next journey and might be wondering how they can best prepare for it. We have summarized the most important information so that everyone can travel safely and carefree at all times.


Provide contact details


In order to enable us to inform you as early and comprehensively as possible by SMS or e-mail in the event of flight irregularities such as delays or cancellations, please make sure that your contact details are always entered in the booking*.


Our tip: Travelers whose contact details are included in the booking will automatically receive a notification e-mail as soon as online check-in is open – and can thus check in conveniently from home, the office or on the road with just a few clicks.


Check in online


We recommend that passengers always check in via the digital and mobile services on the respective Lufthansa Group airlines’ websites or via the app. This way, travelers not only avoid additional contact points at the airport, but can also select their desired seat in advance. In addition, they will automatically be informed about gate changes or baggage updates, for example.


Online check-in is available for:

  • Austrian Airlines from 47 hours before departure
  • Lufthansa from 23 hours before departure
  • SWISS from 23 hours before departure
  • Brussels Airlines from 24 hours before departure
  • Eurowings from 72 hours before departure


Our tip: Please make sure you have the airline's booking code or ticket number ready, as this information is required for identification purposes during online check-in.


Download the guide to safe travel


The detailed travel briefing of the Lufthansa Group airlines informs travelers about the most important details they should bear in mind when travelling by air: before the flight, at the airport, when boarding and on board, de-boarding and upon arrival.


Download the travel briefing


Coronavirus rapid tests at Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna airport


At the airports of Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna, passengers can now be tested for possible infection with the COVID-19 virus. Under certain circumstances, the RT-PCR test, which is subject to a fee, can help to avoid restrictions when entering Germany, Austria or other countries, such as being quarantined.


Find out more


Very few things have impacted travel as much as the Coronavirus. The airlines of the Lufthansa Group are doing everything possible to ensure that you and your travelers can travel with peace of mind and arrive safely at their destination.




* The contact details provided in the booking will be used by the Lufthansa Group airlines exclusively for flight-related information and not for marketing or advertising purposes. Flight-related notifications include, among other things, information on changes to departure times, flight delays, flight cancellations, proactive flight rebookings, seat changes, gate changes, baggage updates, etc.