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Business Class flights – a very attractive upgrade

Lufthansa Business Class flights – Advantageous upgrades

Unfortunately, travel policies do not always allow passengers to fly Business Class – even if they are affordable Business Class flights. However, even without Business Class offers, companies have the option to send their employees on comfortable business trips – by using free upgrades.

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In order to do so, corporate travellers simply earn valuable BenefitPoints for their company’s corporate account while on business trips, which they can then redeem for an upgrade from their Economy Class flight, so they can enjoy travelling affordably in Lufthansa Business Class.

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Background information on this topic

Lufthansa Business Class and other travel classes

Most airlines distinguish between three or four travel classes:

  • Economy Class for price-conscious travellers
  • Premium Economy Class for more amenities
  • Business Class affordable for comfort-conscious passengers
  • First Class for the highest demands above the clouds

The classic travel classes are divided into different reservation classes with different prices as well as different booking and travel conditions. The classes vary in terms of service and comfort benefits before, during, and after the flight.

Lufthansa Business Class specials

Lufthansa Business Class is ideal for comfort-conscious travellers who seek more privacy and want to arrive at their destination in a more relaxed frame of mind – two compelling points for business travellers. Corporate travellers can work or sleep without being disturbed, allowing them to arrive at their meetings well-prepared and in top form. With luck, and depending on the timetable, they may be able to avoid having to spend the night in a hotel, which in turn reduces additional travel costs.

Compared to Economy Class, Lufthansa Business Class offers a much higher level of services and comfort. For example, Lufthansa Business Class passengers can check in at special counters, spend their time before departure in lounges, and enjoy a high-quality level of service on board during the flight.

  • Business Lounges can be used to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet before departure, they also offer workstations with W-LAN and power outlets so that travellers can prepare for business meetings.
  • On board, fresh and varied menus and a large selection of beverages await passengers.
  • A W-LAN connection during the flight and generous private space around the seat allows passengers to use their travel time productively.
  • Business Class seats on intercontinental flights can often be converted to a horizontal sleeping position, which is ideal for getting a good night’s rest on a long flight.

Flying Lufthansa Business Class affordably

A Business Class flight is much appreciated by corporate travellers, but it does cost more than Economy Class. That’s why travellers often can’t choose their preferred travel class and must follow company guidelines when booking their flights.

The option to book Business Class often depends on the duration of the flight or stay. As a result, it is sometimes impossible to take advantage of affordable Business Class flights within Europe, because the flight or stay is deemed too short.

Lufthansa Business Class flights for earned Miles & More miles or BenefitPoints

If a traveller has earned enough miles or points, these can be redeemed for benefits such as upgrades from Economy Class to the now-affordable Business Class.

With PartnerPlusBenefit, companies earn additional BenefitPoints, which can also be used for affordable upgrades to Business Class, just like with personal Miles & More miles. This makes it possible for companies to save the costs for a Business Class fare but still motivate their employees with all the amenities of a Business Class flight. Best of all, BenefitPoints can also be used for upgrades from Business to First Class.