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Flight prices aren't everything

Competitive flight prices and more

Anyone flying on business should be able to rely on a strong, reliable partner. Corporate travellers require worldwide coordinated schedules for seamless travel, numerous services in addition to pure flight performance and personal, attentive service. Often, it’s not just the flight costs that stand out, but the additional benefits and complimentary extras such as booking Economy Class and still flying Business Class. A high standard of service is exactly what PartnerPlusBenefit offers companies and their employees.

Lufthansa's extensive free corporate bonus program offers small and medium-sized businesses new opportunities to save on corporate travel costs, while keeping employees motivated with award flights, upgrades, vouchers and more.

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Background information on this topic

Organising business flights within companies

For many small and medium-sized businesses, whose employees must fly frequently, resources and skills are focused around the business trip. A contact person or team take inquiries and booking requests via e-mail or phone, then research and book their colleagues’ business flights using standard flight booking portals.

In time, a learning curve is established. Focusing on this area creates a certain level of expertise, allowing fares to be compared more efficiently and optimised for the best flight price for the company.

Outsourcing – Optimising costs

Above a certain threshold, however, outsourcing – that is, the use of external travel coordinators or travel agents – is profitable. Employing in-house staff to research affordable travel options and flight prices can be inefficient in the long run, especially if these activities prevent employees from completing their primary work. Additionally, since this is rarely an employee’s core competency, much potential remains untapped and the best flight prices undiscovered.

Organising business trips through an external third party which has full access to travel agencies – in particular to search programs oriented around cost optimisation and discounted rates – can reduce fares significantly. Here, experience in dealing with airline tariff structures is essential, as this could be the key factor in saving money on flight prices.

Experienced service providers make planning easier, especially when travelling to several different destinations with multiple connections. Additionally, group bookings can also be handled easily, which reduces processing and handling costs.

External benefits and services

Travel agencies and travel management companies offer a wide range of services:

  • planning and handling the entire business trip
  • direct access to all air and rail connections, rental cars, hotel and transfer services
  • Assistance with visas and vaccinations as well as entry and customs regulations
  • Visa application and procurement
  • Special tools for comparing fares
  • Special fares with many airlines
  • Obtaining discounted service fees

There are also a variety of additional services which are particularly valuable:

  • Statistical analysis and consultation on optimising travel costs
  • Straightforward, well-trained contact person
  • Assistance with and booking of private trips
  • Organisation of group and incentive trips to meetings, conferences, conventions and trade fairs
  • Management of corporate bonus programs for program members in order to further optimise travel costs

More than just competitive flight prices

When choosing an external provider, it’s not just the opportunity to reduce flight prices that plays a key role. Other advantageous services include reduced coordination and planning efforts, minimisation of organisational and accounting administration, as well as access to expert assistance.

Lufthansa inclusive fares

The same applies when choosing the airline. In addition to direct flight price as well as taxes and fees, flying with Lufthansa includes numerous services to make business trips even simpler:

  • The Lufthansa fleet is comprised of almost every size of modern aircraft
  • Travellers can check in and select their desired seat(s) conveniently on a PC, on the go via smartphone, or at the airport check-in machines as early as 23 hours before departure.
  • Travellers’ free baggage allowance can also be checked in along with hand luggage.
  • Guests of Lufthansa First and Business Class as well as Miles & More members with the corresponding status can spend their time at the airport relaxing in lounges.
  • Even on flights within Europe, passengers have a wide range of beverages to choose from. Depending on your destination you will also be served small snacks or whole meals. Upon request, special meals can be pre-ordered free of charge when booking.
  • Lufthansa flights earn Miles & More members valuable award and status miles, which are synonymous with attractive flight and merchandise offers as well as numerous privileges for frequent flyers.
  • On Lufthansa flights, PartnerPlusBenefit members earn BenefitPoints, which offer many different ways to optimise travel costs.