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AirlineCheckins – the automatic check-in service

The AirlineCheckins app developed by Lufthansa Innovation Hub makes the check-in service more transparent and easier to use – and forms the basis of further business travel services.

This means that AirlineCheckins will continue to check in users automatically, taking into account their individual seat preferences for their flights. The service works for any airline offering online check-in. Once you have registered for the service, you never have to worry about checking in personally again. The new app now allows air travellers to access the check-in status of their flights and manage their flights at any time. Personal information, such as seat preferences, frequent flyer programmes or travel partners, can be updated in the app. The app also has a warning function that automatically informs you about current flight status and gate changes. The functions of the app will now be continuously expanded and extended by additional services. For example, it is planned to introduce a service that will give users of the app access to lounges at airports and free Wi-Fi access on board.

AirlineCheckins is now available free of charge as an iOS and Android app and in all popular app stores. You can use the automatic check-in service for more than 200 airlines worldwide and also integrate it easily into your company’s travel management system.