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All the wellness tips for your business trip

Every day, millions of people around the world travel for work; although business travel is certainly a fun and stimulating experience, for both personal and professional growth, it can also be quite tiring because it involves continuous travel, appointments and business meetings. Especially those who travel to far away places, in addition to the long hours of flight, once arrived at their destination must also face the jet lag.

It is perfectly normal, therefore, to feel sleepy and tired in the first few days. Let's see what the frequent flyer advices are to resume all the energy necessary to deal with the trip in the best possible way!

How to enjoy your business trip by combining work and relaxation

Although new technologies are able to replace face-to-face meetings on several occasions, business travel is often necessary to meet a customer live on the other side of the world or to participate in important conferences, trade fairs and conferences abroad. What, then, can be done to avoid or at least limit fatigue during the journey?

The following are some suggestions for enjoying your business trip in complete serenity, taking advantage of a few moments of relaxation, to devote yourself profitably to business.

  1. Make sure you have the necessary tools

If you are planning to present a project to a client in your diary, we recommend that you make sure you have the necessary tools to ensure that there are no problems and that everything works smoothly. In addition, it is always better to make sure that the management assistant or travel office, when organizing the trip, has checked that there is a free connection in the hotel, so there will be no problem if he should check emails, finish a job, prepare the presentation or any other task. Some hotels even have an area or centre dedicated to business travellers, equipped with printers and desktops, where you can work in complete peace of mind. At the airport, however, the Lounges are the ideal place to rest or work, find out more in the free guide!

  1. Book the transfer in advance

Both on the outward and return journey you need to think about how to get to the airport. On the outward journey, the advice is to book a taxi or driver the night before, so be sure to find him outside the house at the indicated time. This way, you will avoid having to look for a rental car just before departure, risking not finding it and having to take a bus crowded and probably late. On the way back, however, you can ask the hotel if they have a shuttle service to the airport and, if not, get a taxi booked.

  1. Sleep at least 7 hours per night

When you travel, your body has to get used to several changes: new location, different climate and different time zones; for this reason, you need to prepare yourself to be able to sleep well even away from home.

Some small things that can be very useful in these situations are:

  • Carry caps with you to avoid being disturbed by annoying noises.
  • maintain a temperature in the room between 19 and 21 degrees Celsius
  • turn off all lights and close awnings or shutters
  • use melatonin, chamomile, lemon balm or other natural relaxants if you are particularly suffering from a change in hours

Not sleeping enough could make it difficult to concentrate and have a negative impact on work performance, not allowing the traveler to enjoy the trip even in his spare time.

  1. Carving out moments for yourself

The business trip should never be a cause of fatigue for the employee, so it is essential to provide spaces on the agenda to visit a new place, a museum, do some sport or just relax. Including a few moments for oneself will have positive effects on well-being and therefore also on work performance; it will also help to make the experience positive and unforgettable. Business travel is a unique opportunity to increase one's cultural background and live new experiences: combining business travel with moments of pleasure and relaxation - the so-called bleisure - can be a valid solution.

  1. Take advantage of the benefits at your disposal

In general, the company provides benefits for the traveller on the road; if they are not communicated, it is advisable to ask the travel manager or the person in charge of organizing the trip for information. For example, it is often possible to access airport lounges to spend relaxing waiting hours at the airport, request an upgrade to a higher travel class, take precedence during boarding procedures or use in-flight Wi-Fi. These are small details, but they can make a difference!


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