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Business productivity and digital technologies

It is now quite evident that nowadays new technologies have changed the way we travel, even for work. Surely, the booking process has been simplified and speeded up, the movements are facilitated and the experiences become more and more pleasant.

However, the most interesting issue that emerged in recent times is the link between technology and business travel productivity. All the details, in the following article.

How to improve business travel with technology

Those who travel for work usually carry at least 4 devices: the inevitable smartphone, the computer, the tablet and the company mobile (if it does not coincide with the personal one). These tools are necessary to be able to carry out their work even better, even without having to interrupt urgent activities even in flight, if necessary.

Frequent flyers even consider themselves to be more productive and creative during their business trip, thanks to technology. Find out how, in the next paragraphs.

Optimize time at the airport

Often the hours spent at the airport can result in a waste of time for the employee, if he cannot use them to do something useful. Thanks to the available technologies, it is possible to optimize time, especially if the company offers a benefit such as access to airport lounges: as these are silent areas with wi-fi connection, the collaborator can continue to carry out their activities in total comfort.

Take advantage of hotel services

Thanks to the possibility of booking accommodations online, by checking the available services in advance, it is much easier today to opt for hotels that include amenities designed specifically for business travelers. For example, in many hotels you can use the conference room to work without being disturbed. But not only that, there are many solutions created to meet the needs of business travelers, at this link you can find all the news. Furthermore, it is best to check that the room is soundproofed so that people can rest without problems.

Use all available apps

Digital technologies, especially if made in the form of apps, allow the traveler to save a great deal of time, to be autonomous and independent. Calling or booking a taxi or driver in advance, or using a car-sharing service, is very simple, as well as checking flights and local means of travel. Or, reserving a table at the restaurant by relying on reviews is a great convenience, especially since many restaurants offer a discount by booking through the app.

In addition, there are really useful applications that help manage the business cards collected during the various meetings, scanning them through the camera, so as not to risk losing them.

Take advantage of the new context

A trip, despite involving a certain expenditure of energy, is still a moment of detachment from the daily routine. Business travel is very useful for the company because, thanks to digital technologies, it is not perceived as a waste of time, provided that the employee still has the opportunity to work profitably even abroad. Being away from home, in a new and different context, the collaborator will feel stimulated and consequently carry out his activities in a more active and productive way.

Stay in touch with the family

Traveling employees can also enjoy the journey because they do not have to give up communicating with friends and relatives who are at home. Thanks to the fact that internet connection is now available almost everywhere, you can easily make a phone call or send messages using instant messaging apps from smartphones or computer video calls.

All the aspects listed in today's article allow you to tackle travel with a positive, relaxed mentality and without too many worries. The consequence is the fact that the collaborators can fully enjoy the business trip, which will therefore certainly be more productive and bring results for the business, improving performance.

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