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Change to the Lufthansa Group airlines’ OPC concept

In order to provide a fairer distribution and more transparency in relation to costs incurred by credit card providers, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS and Brussels Airlines will be introducing a differentiated surcharge concept with effect from 6 November 2018 (date of ticket issuance). This means that different OPC values will be charged to each credit card provider. Thus, customers of credit card providers with a low cost structure can benefit from a low OPC. The amount of future credit card charges will continue to be calculated in such a way that the amount of the fee does not exceed the costs of accepting the cards.


The differentiated surcharging will be introduced on all tickets with point of origin (POO) in Denmark, Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland and Czech Republic. For tickets with POO in Switzerland, a uniform OPC will remain unchanged on all payments by credit card and PayPal. The following OPC percentage values will be applied for the different credit card payments.


The OPC will continue to apply to payments with corporate credit cards and all credit cards issued outside the European Economic Area (EEA).


  • Due to technical challenges, will not be able to implement differentiated surcharging until a later date.