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Change to the OPC calculation at Brussels Airlines

Due to the forthcoming implementation of the EU Payment Services Directive II (PSD II), the levying of the OPC on four-party-system consumer credit cards (esp. Visa and Mastercard) will be prohibited from January 2018. The legal background to this prohibition is the regulation of consumer credit card fees.

According to the PSD II the surcharging of corporate credit cards will still be permitted, as corporate credit card fees are not being regulated. Against this backdrop, the Lufthansa Group airlines will continue to levy an OPC on transactions made with corporate credit cards in order to partially compensate acceptance costs that arise.

The OPC value for affected credit cards as well as PayPal will remain unchanged for ticket purchases from Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS at 1.65% for the OPC countries and amount to a maximum of EUR 25/GBP 20/DKK 190/PLN 110/CZK 680/HUF 7700 per ticket. For point of origin Switzerland, different OPC values apply as previously (see graphic).

For a further harmonization among the Lufthansa Group airlines, Brussels Airlines will also change the OPC to percentage values from 14 December 2017 (date of ticket issuance) and will also adopt all further changes regarding the OPC that will occur from January 2018 onwards. Based on the percentage approach, accruing acceptance costs can in future better be partially compensated at Brussels Airlines according to the costs-by-cause principle.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Lufthansa Group contact.