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Easy connections via Canada when travelling to USA

Air Canada's hubs in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary have all been upgraded to offer our customers safe, easy, connections and a customer-friendly travel experience.

So, when travelling to the U.S.A. with Air Canada via i.e. Toronto you can conveniently do all U.S. Customs and immigration pre-clearance formalities, as we offer U.S. Customs Pre-clearance.

You can skip the line when you land in the U.S. at the domestic terminal and even your baggage will be automatically sent to you next Air Canada flight. Returning to Europe you'll never have to wait in a Canadian customs line, just a quick passport check and you’ll be on your way.  

Air Canada also offers Same Terminal Connection. Centralized in a single terminal, Air Canada's hubs are convenient gateways to and from the U.S. Air Canada is offering seamless connections for passengers and the connection process means you don't need to go through customs, pick up your bags or transfer terminals. Simply walk to your next departure gate!

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