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Lufthansa Group closes partnership to discount Covid-19 tests

Passengers from Lufthansa and SWISS carry out their Covid-19 tests at a discount in two excellent health centers: Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz and CR Diagnósticos. The tests carried out by both institutions are of the RT-PCR type, the same model currently required for entry in many countries, including Germany. With the discount, performing the test in Brazil becomes cheaper than in many other airports in the world, also having the advantage of carrying out the transaction in local currency. When tested before boarding, passengers can also enjoy the convenience of traveling with the results of the exams already on their side, saving time on arrival. Bearing in mind that some countries require tests to be carried out less than 48 hours before entering their borders, the option of taking them at the airport, before boarding, may be ideal for passengers with long flights and connections.


CR Diagnósticos

The partnership signed with CR Diagnósticos, which has just opened its unit in Terminal 3 of Guarulhos International Airport, in addition to guaranteeing passengers the convenience and security of being able to perform the test at the airport itself, also offers a 10% discount upon presentation of the ticket (with travel date after the exam day) and personal document with photo. The CR Diagnósticos unit at Guarulhos Airport operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it is not necessary to schedule the service in advance. Results are available in just 4 hours and are sent to passengers in Portuguese, English (as required by most countries) and Japanese (required in Japan).

Value without discount : R$ 350,00* Passengers of Lufthansa/SWISS get 10% discount.

Necessary documentation:

  • Lufthansa or SWISS ticket with travel date after the exam day;
  • Personal document with photo;


Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz

The partnership with Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz also provides an additional advantage to PartnerPlusBenefit partner companies by allowing the redemption of an RT-PCR test for 6000 BenefitPoints, without the requirement that the tested person has a scheduled trip.

To exchange points for the exam, the company must request a voucher from the PartnerPlusBenefit Call Center, which will send the award (voucher) within two business days after the application. Then, the scheduling must be done through the Relationship Center of Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz, informing the voucher scheduling code.

Value without discount: R$ 352,00* or 6000 BenefitPoints (1.530 Pontos Benefit for BR companies) Passengers of Lufthansa/SWISS get 10% discount.

Necessary documentation:

  • Lufthansa or SWISS ticket with travel date after the exam day;
  • Personal document with photo;
  • In case of redemption through BenefitPoints, the voucher number will be requested when scheduling.


It is also worth noting that carrying a negative PCR test result for the new coronavirus does not exempts passengers from checking travel restrictions and rules in force regarding mandatory quarantine at your final destination before planning your trip. So that passengers can better prepare for their trip, Lufthansa and SWISS have met the rules of entry into force in several countries, through a search based on the origin and destination ofpassengers, via the Lufthansa Info Hub online page or SWISS Info Hub.


Finally, we would like to stress that the regulation of the free RT-PCR tests at the Airport Frankfurt can be changed at any time. For more information click here.


Your contacts:

PPB service centres in the Nordics: ,

Norway: +47 235 00101  or for FI platform Finland: +358 9 8171 0012 

Sweden: +46 851 99 3091  Estonia: +372 6868 872 

Denmark: +45 3515 8005  Lithuania: +370 5205 1188 

Latvia: +371 6785 2185 


Central Relationship German Hospital Oswaldo Cruz (full test costs R$ 352.00, 10% discount for passengers of Lufthansa and SWISS or 6,000 Benefitpoints’ redemption, result within 48 hours)

E-mail: (English, Portugese)

Phone: 11 3549-1000 (Portugese)


CR Diagnostics Relationship Center - COVID-19 (full test costs R$ 350.00, 10% discount for passengers of Lufthansa and SWISS, result in 4 hours)

Phone: +55 (11) 2373-3392 

WhatsApp +55 (11) 94130-0862  / +55 (11) 98837-9918