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Not just a voyage into antiquity

The Acropolis is the city’s hilltop landmark. Around it you’ll find many other sights, such as the Agora and Hadrian’s Library. The ancient world makes its presence felt everywhere – but it’s not the only reason to visit Athens. Greece’s largest and most important city and the port city of Piraeus provide the focus of a large part of Greece’s economy. But many other areas of Athens are worth visiting, and the city is now easily one of Europe’s top destinations. This is due to the creativity of the locals, for example in the old quarter of Psyri. In 2012, this gloomy, squalid neighbourhood was turned upside down. Today, visitors are surprised to find crazy lampshades from all over the world, pastel-coloured walls in the alleyways and cosy places to take a seat. The squalid backyard has become a hip living room and colourful Pittaki Street attracts thousands of visitors every year. And this is just one example.

Throughout the year Athens offers an attractive, lively and crisis-resistant travel destination for culture vultures and business travellers.

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