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Services that pay off for your company

Good travel management also takes into account the well-being of the colleague. There are some details that can significantly improve the travel experience. Here are some business travel services that you should book when organising travel for colleagues.

Lounge access

These spaces offer frequent flyers an exclusive place to work or relax between flights. Passengers in First Class or Business Class, or those who have requested an upgrade with points from loyalty programmes, have access to airline lounges. Make sure you have booked the appropriate travel class, especially in the case of intercontinental flights.

Comfortable accommodation

There are hotels that have been specially designed for business travellers and offer special services. These include free Wi-Fi, a quiet conference room to work in, flexible reservations and last-minute cancellations, soundproofed bedrooms, discounted meals, transfers to and from the airport and much more. Also check the hotel’s proximity to the scheduled meeting location.

Free time

Why not give your colleague a few more days to explore the destination privately? The option of extending the trip can be beneficial to the company as well. The colleague who feels happy and motivated will be more productive when they return to the office.


Taking out the appropriate insurance ensures relaxation and safety on the road. The policy should cover medical expenses and hospital services as well as reimbursement in the event of unforeseen events and loss of property.

Corporate credit card

One of the main concerns of the company when organising a business trip is to keep the budget under control. By providing a corporate credit card, employees do not have to make payments and therefore do not have to wait for reimbursement. In addition, the risk of exceeding the budget is much lower if the company card is used directly. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about filling out long expense forms and managing cheques and refunds.

Loyalty programmes

Many airlines offer companies and travellers free bonus programmes that can be used to earn points on every flight. These points can be used to get, for example, free flights, access to lounges, baggage vouchers or other benefits. They are therefore a way of offering benefits to employees, improving the travel experience and making it more convenient, but also optimising costs. PartnerPlusBenefit offers you and your employees all these benefits.