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The SWISS Alpine Lounge

SWISS is offering its passengers a new lounge experience in the form of the SWISS Alpine Lounge. The 500-square-metre lounge is located in Terminal A at Zurich Airport with space for 100 people.


The new SWISS Alpine Lounge combines the charm of a rustic yet modern alpine cabin with the comfort of the established SWISS lounges.


This typical lounge features light-coloured wood and furniture, most of which is custom-made by Swiss craftsmen. Large wooden communal tables highlight the cabin feel, while tall windows offer a unique view of the tarmac and flight operations.


SWISS is also breaking new ground with its catering concept. The heart of the SWISS Alpine Lounge is a rustic oven in which seasonal dishes are prepared for guests. Guests can refine these dishes with various ingredients to their taste. There is also a water fountain in the SWISS Alpine Lounge, where guests can fill their own containers.


The lounge is open from Monday to Friday from 05:30 to 18:30 hours and is designed for guests who wish to take a short rest before their flight and enjoy a snack.


First Class passengers (Lufthansa and SWISS), Business Class passengers (Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS), HON Circle Members and Miles & More Senators have the right of admission.