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Travel with less carry-on baggage – experience more comfort

Lufthansa will from now on check the carry-on baggage of all passengers for the permitted dimensions, quantities and weight in order to ensure a smooth boarding process and punctual departure. If the carry-on baggage does not comply with the regulations, it must be checked in at a Lufthansa counter or self-service bag drop kiosk before the security check. If this exceeds the free baggage allowance permitted according to the booking class, a fee may become due.

In the case of very busy flights, passengers may also have to check in at the gate carry-on baggage that complies with the rules before boarding. In this case, it is important to ensure that personal items such as valuables and medication are taken into the cabin. In addition, devices such as mobile phones and tablets, powerbanks or e-cigarettes which contain batteries and rechargeable batteries must not be transported in checked baggage.


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