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Wellness on board

Singapore Airlines and COMO Shambhala promote ‘Wellness Cuisine’

Singapore Airlines and the Singapore-based wellness brand COMO Shambhala – part of the COMO Group – are enhancing in-flight customer experience through this partnership.

COMO Shambhala’s award-winning wellness cuisine will be served on selected Singapore Airlines flights from the middle of the year, thus extending the existing range of food and beverages on board.

Using seasonal and sustainable ingredients, these menus feature a contemporary cooking style and will delight the palates of passengers and create unique memories – healthy food meets delicious gastronomy.

These jointly developed dishes will be available first in Singapore Airlines’ Book-the-Cook service and a new wellness menu will also be available in all classes.

In future, the range may also be extended to include on-board amenities and in-flight entertainment with special wellness features. 

As market leader in terms of service, network and product, Singapore Airlines has found its ideal partner for lifestyle hospitality in the world’s leading COMO Group.