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PartnerPlusBenefit – Earn rewards on corporate travel

Do you regularly fly to business meetings and keep an eye open for additional benefits? Then you should get to know more about Lufthansa’s PartnerPlusBenefit. 

Lufthansa's extensive free corporate bonus program offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) unique opportunities to save on travel costs for business trips and motivate employees. With PartnerPlusBenefit corporate travellers can earn Lufthansa miles for BenefitFlights, upgrades, lounge access, FlyNet® vouchers and more.  

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More Flights, more rewards

Corporate bonus programs are an important instrument for optimizing companies’ travel costs. When selecting the right program, the most important aspects are the benefits in terms of status, comfort and savings. PartnerPlusBenefit offers these advantages to small and medium-sized enterprises with flights, upgrades, Lufthansa miles and many other attractive awards. Businesses can also use PartnerPlusBenefit to motivate employees by making corporate trips even more enjoyable – at no additional cost to the company.

Plan flexible business trips – Lufthansa benefits

PartnerPlusBenefit offers companies numerous extra advantages. In addition to monetary and motivational advantages, the association of airlines partners makes travel planning particularly flexible. This is particularly useful for corporate travellers on time sensitive or multiple business trips.

As part of the corporate Lufthansa miles program, companies can access the extensive network of 10 airlines partners – while enjoying the luxury of individual planning and simultaneously earning BenefitPoints. The strategic cooperation of the airlines partners allows the corporate program to award points on more global routes than any other program worldwide.

The Star Alliance network was established in 1997 and currently hosts 28 airlines. Of these, nine airlines are part of the airlines partners in France and Benelux.

Lufthansa lounge access

An additional benefit of the Lufthansa miles program available to frequent flyers is access to common lounges, which travellers can enjoy while in transit. Passengers can enjoy – depending on traffic and travel class – access to many different Lufthansa lounges. This access includes lounges in Frankfurt and Munich, for example, or the largest Lufthansa lounge outside Germany, in the new “Terminal 2 | The Queen’s Terminal” at London Heathrow. In Vienna, the “Austrian Star Alliance Terminal” provides additional comfort. Overall, the Star Alliance network places over 1,000 lounges at its passengers’ disposal.

Awards that speak for themselves

The advantages of PartnerPlusBenefit go far beyond the excellent on-board and ground products. The shopping partners give companies many more opportunities to redeem earned BenefitPoints and Lufthansa Miles.

In the PartnerPlusBenefit WorldShop, for example, companies can select a wide variety of items from many different categories. This allows the corporate points and personal Lufthansa miles programs to offer numerous incentive opportunities to their corporate travellers.

Earn additional Miles & More miles

In addition to the corporate BenefitPoints, employees who are participants in the Miles & More program will continue to earn personal Lufthansa miles on their individual Miles & More accounts. This allows employees to benefit further from an individual Lufthansa Benefit which can be redeemed with over 300 cooperation partners.

Advantageous for all

Last but not least, the Lufthansa corporate bonus program is free of charge for companies and is not subject to a minimum number of flights. This allows you to stay in control of your travel budgets and timetables, all while enjoying the offered benefits and Lufthansa miles when you do fly.

The numerous offered awards have made it possible for PartnerPlusBenefit to now include many more participants than any other airline corporate bonus program. Start getting more out of every flight with Lufthansa miles and points programs.