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Direct flights to Astana from Warsaw - Tickets for new LOT’s connection already available for sale

Warsaw, 6 February 2017 – LOT launches its new connection between Poland and Kazakhstan on 29 May. Flights from Warsaw to Astana, Kazakhstan’s capital city and one of the most important cities of Central Asia, will be operated four times a week with Boeing 737-800 NGs. The new connection is a response to the steadily growing number of passengers travelling from Poland and Europe to Kazakhstan as well as the inhabitants of Kazakhstan travelling via Warsaw to many other destinations worldwide. Tickets for the new connection are already available!

The first flight from Warsaw to Astana is scheduled for 29 May. The connection will be operated with Boeing 737-800 NGs that are going to join LOT’s fleet in April. Polish carrier will fly to Astana four times a week. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, planes will take off from Warsaw at 22.50 and will land in Astana at 07.45 local time. The return flight will take the passengers from Kazakhstan on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 13.00 to land in Warsaw at 14:15 CET.

“Over the past years, Astana has grown to become a major capital in Asia, an important business center and a modern city impressing all visitors. I am certain that LOT’s direct flight will help us tighten our economic, cultural and tourist ties. We are sure that thanks to new LOT’s connection more and more passengers from many European cities in a region will decide to visit such an exciting country as Kazakhstan”, says Rafał Milczarski, LOT’s CEO.

Kazakhstan’s growing importance on an international arena can also be evidenced by its role in 2017. Its modern capital city, Astana, is going to host EXPO 2017. The exhibition’s topic: new technologies, innovations and use of natural resources and renewable energy will help attract investors and enterprises from all over the world. Thanks to short and convenient transfers in Warsaw, LOT is going to play an important part in helping EXPO 2017 guests reach their destination. The new connection will also significantly highlight Poland’s presence at the exhibition. As an exhibitor, Poland is going to host seminars presenting Polish innovations. In the fall, as part of EXPO 2017, on 6 September the Economic Forum is going to be organized in Astana and on 7 September - the Polish Day.

“LOT is Polish flagship carrier and we are glad that thanks to our connection, many passengers travelling via Warsaw to Astana will have an opportunity to experience Polish hospitality, culture and innovations first hand. For the majority of passengers beginning their travel in Western Europe, our hub is conveniently located on the way. LOT’s convenient connection helps to save time spent both in the air and on the ground at the airport”, adds Rafał Milczarski.

Flights from Warsaw to Astana and from Astana to Warsaw will take only 5 hours, and the transfer time for many European connections will be less than one hour. That is the shortest travelling time on the market. Starting from 2017, to passengers travelling on business and as tourists from many European countries, including Poland, it will now be much easier to travel to Kazakhstan thanks to the visa-free regime which has just been introduced.

On the other hand, thanks to flights offered by LOT, passengers travelling from Kazakhstan will be able to visit apart from many Polish cities major European destinations such as Brussels, Budapest, Bucharest, Hamburg, Milan, Munich, Prague, Riga, Stockholm and Vilnius. The transfer will take merely 40 minutes.

LOT is going to offer three travel classes on its Boeing 737-800 NGs: business, economy premium and economy. The connection will be ultimately operated with the state-of-the-art narrow body Boeing 737 MAX 8.

Launch of the flights to Astana is a part of LOT’s profitable growth strategy until 2020. This year, apart from the flights to Kazakhstan, LOT is also going to launch flights to, among other destinations, Los Angeles and Newark. All long-haul flights to New York, Chicago, Toronto, Los Angeles, Newark, Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul are operated with state-of-the-art Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

Tickets for LOT’s new flights to Kazakhstan can now be purchased using all available channels, including the website, LOT Call Center, the LOT Travel offices and travel agents.